police full form in english - How to Became a Police

police full form in english - How to Became a Police

What is Full Form of POLICE ?

POLICE  Full Form stands for Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies.

 They are uniformed persons who are responsible for maintaining law and order. They are a group of activists who can enforce the law, prevent any kind of civil disorder, save lives and punish criminals.

. In India, every area has a police station in charge of the station house officer. This is a government job. Each police station has a sub-inspector, assistant sub-inspector and constable.

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What qualifications are required for a police officer?

To become a police officer, one must have a bachelor's degree or at least a high school diploma.

Candidates to become a police officer have to go through a recruitment test and then a medical and physical test.

The minimum age for becoming a police officer can be 18 years and the upper age limit can be 25 to 27 years.

Twelfth pass educational qualification to become a police constable.

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