ppt full form | what is the full form of ppt ?


ppt full form | what is the full form of ppt ?
ppt full form 

what is the full form of  PPT ?

The Full Form of PPT Mainly Sand For  Power Point Presentation.

It is a Presentation Program which Microsoft Runs under Microsoft Office. It has an Orange Colored Trademark and 'P' logo. It was Originally Created by Dennis Austin and Robert Gaskins.

 It Contain Images, Sentences and Sounds in the form Presentation. It is an Important tool used for Educational, daily lives and Business Purposes.

Apart from windows, Power Point Presentation is also Available for other platforms such as APPLE, Android, IOS as well as the Web access. The first version of PPT was released i 1987.

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Other full forms of PPT

Term Category       PPT Full Form

PPT       Microsoft              PowerPoint Presentation

PPT      Technology          MicroSoft PowerPoint Presentation file

PPT       Energy                   Pacific Prevailing Time

PPT     Neurology               Pain Pressure Threshold

PPT    Local - Countries       Paper and Pencil Tests

PPT  Engineering       Paper Presentation Topics

PPT      Exam                        Paper-Pencil Test

PPT      Education                 Paraprofessional Tutors

PPT    Parks & Recreation Parramatta Park Trust

PPT    Uncategorized         Part Per Trillion

PPT    Engineering                 Particle Plugging Test

PPT    Engineering                  Parts per Thousand

PPT     Chemistry                  Parts Per Trillion

PPT     Orthopaedic                 Patella-Patellar Tendon

PPT    Uncategorized               Patience Precision and Tenacity

PPT    Pharmaceutical         Pedunculopontine Tegmental Nucleus

PPT     Society                         People Per Town

PPT    Uncategorized         People Places Things

PPT   Technology                 People Policy Technology

PPT    Technology                 People Process and Technology

PPT   Uncategorized           Performance Perceptual Test

PPT  Audiology      Performance-Perceptual Test

PPT     Health              Periodic Presumptive Treatment

PPT    Pharmaceutical  Peristaltic Pressure Threshold

PPT   Health Service  Permanency Planning Team

PPT    Human                    Permanent Peoples Tribunal

PPT  Uncategorized    Person Place Time

PPT  Educational            Personal Programming Tutorial

PPT  Information Technology Personal Protective Technology

PPT  Uncategorized Personalised Public Transport

PPT  Pharmaceutical Physical Performance Test

PPT  Uncategorized Physical Presence Test

PPT     Army                   Pickett, Pettigrew, and Trimble

PPT  Information Technology    Pipeline Performance Technologies

PPT Clothing                   Placket Pocket Technology

PPT London Stock Exchange    Planet Payment, Inc.

PPT  Uncategorized    Planned Parenthood Toronto

PPT   Education          Planning and Placement Team

PPT   FDA Administration Plasma Preparation Tube

PPT Government         Plunge Protection Team

PPT  Uncategorized Plunge Protection Tweet

PPT  Uncategorized           Point to Point Transport

PPT  Technology Pollution Prevention Team

PPT  Pharmaceutical Polyp Prevention Trial

PPT  Pharmaceutical      Polypyrimidine Tract

PPT  Information Technology Post Production Test

PPT   Psychology          Potential Performance Theory

PPT  Uncategorized      Power Point templates

PPT  Information Technology Power Product Technologies

PPT   Products        Powered Pallet Truck

PPT    Economics      Powerpoint Presentation

PPT   Uncategorized      Praying Playing Tots

PPT   Uncategorized      Precise Positional Tracking

PPT   Education               Pregnant Parenting

PPT  Pharmaceutical       Pressure Pain Threshold

PPT   Organizations       Printing and Packaging Technologies, Inc.

PPT  Police Force          Prisoner Processing Team

PPT  Cryptography                  Probabilistic Polynomial-Time

PPT  Technology          Processing Program Table

PPT  Army                  Production Prove-out Test

PPT Information Technology         Professional Protective Technology

PPT Army                   Program Performance Test

PPT  Organizations          Program Planning Team

PPT  Uncategorized Program Properties Table

PPT  Information Technology Programming Principles and Tools

PPT     Athletics                         Progressive Power Taper

PPT    Occupation & Positions   Project Placement and Training

PPT   Normal Business Project Progress Tracking

PPT   Endocrine System Propyl Pyrazole Triol

PPT  Toastmasters Protective Pacesetters Toastmasters club

PPT   Nuclear Public Participation and Transparency

PPT   Information Technology Pulse Pair Timing


Frequency Question on PPT:

What Does PPT Stand For in Chemistry?

In Chemistry PPT Stand For – Parts Per Thousand

What Does PPT Stand For in Education?

In Education PPT Stand For – Planning and Placement Team


I hope you got what you want to know about PPT. If you would like to know the full form of another word, please ask by comment or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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